“Abiding in Christ is total dependence and surrender to God's will which involves
immersion in the Word, moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Holy Spirit,
and commitment to obey His commands.”

The Gathering Place, a place for...

WORSHIP - At The Gathering Place, we believe that worship permeates every aspect of our lives. Our prayer is that our love for God and others and obedience to His commands will allow us to lead people to know God and create a life of deeper intimacy with Him. That intimacy is fostered as we abide in Christ in total dependence, immersing ourselves in HIs Word and yielding to the Holy Spirit moment-by-moment. We feel that fellowship with other believers is one of the most important elements in the life of a Christian.  During corporate worship, we come together to lift our praises to the Lord, honoring Him and proclaiming His worth through singing and study. Together, we receive and respond to His message, as we strive to hear God’s voice and do what He says both as individuals and a collective body. We are ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God.


FELLOWSHIP - The church is not a meeting place. The church is made up of people who are motivated to serve others and engage in intimate fellowship by their love for God. Our church body is made up of several Life Groups where small groups of people meet weekly and “do life” together. Whether it’s sharing a meal, studying Scripture, delving into a book, or playing games, these groups function as extended families meeting the needs of each of the members. We share in celebrations and struggles, lift up one another in prayer, and provide accountability and guidance when needed. 


FAMILIES - We believe that God’s love is best exemplified initially at home by the way parents rear their children and teach them about the Lord.   The church strives to support parents by providing resources and encouragement. We have a variety of activities that act as springboards for families to learn about the Lord together. These activities include Family Celebration - a weekly time of worship for families geared toward children, FX Family Experience—a monthly event that teaches children a Christian virtue through music, hilarious skits, and games - Children’s church, available for children in kindergarten and first grade,  Youth Group each Wednesday night, as well as several special events happening throughout the year. 


MINISTRIES - Our mission is to “lead people to know God.” Through meeting the needs of the people in our community and forming authentic relationships, we hope to have God’s love fully expressed through us. Most of our ministries are started by members in the body seeking the Lord and being obedient to his commands. Each ministry focuses on different people in our local community , in our state, and around our world. 


MISSIONS - We have been blessed to partner with several families who have committed their lives to spread the gospel all over the world. From Alaska to Bulgaria, we support a network of believers who have traded the comforts of home to live out the great commission. We have been called to not only care for these families financially, but also work beside them on the ground as needs arise by planning several mission trips throughout the year. 


The Gathering Place is a Southern Baptist church that upholds the doctrines presented in the Baptist Faith and Message.  To review these doctrines, you can visit http://www.sbc.net/bfm/bfm2000.asp.  We are an autonomous body of believers governed by a board of elders who were presented and approved by the members of the church body.